Lens-Artists Challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #51: Unique

Amy is inviting us to join this week Lens-Artists Challenge #51 “Unique”

Last Sunday I went to a Capoeira Festival in Bern and I really enjoyed it. The capoeira was brought to Brazil by slaves. The capoeira is a blend of dance and martial art. Two opponents face each other within the roda—a circle of capoeiristas (practitioners of capoeira)—emulating in a stylized manner the strikes and parries of combat, in time with the rhythms of a small musical ensemble. The ensemble typically consists of one to three berimbau (struck musical bows), one or two atabaques (single-headed, standing, conical drums), a pandeiro (tambourine), an agogô (double bell), all of which accompany call-and-response songs, usually led by one of the berimbau players. Its characteristic acrobatic moves and whipping leg gestures create a spectacle of excitement and danger. (Britannica)

In 2014 the Capoeira Circle was added to  UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the convention recognized that the “capoeira circle is a place where knowledge and skills are learned by observation and imitation” and that it “promotes social integration and the memory of resistance to historical oppression”.(Wikipedia)

For me this dance/art is unique in the world.

Capoeiristas performing at Capoeira Festival in Bern